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HimeWorks Plugins - Free for Commercial Use

Posted by Tsukihime, 29 November 2015 · 18 views


All of the plugins published by HimeWorks can be used freely for commercial projects.
Please share this announcement to anyone that is still wondering whether they can use my plugins or not.

I would prefer that you contact me so that I know that I will know about your project, but other than that, you c...

Changes in Terms of Use for HimeWorks scripts

Posted by Tsukihime, 22 November 2015 · 126 views

As of today, all of my plugins will no longer require a commercial license to use. Please read over this article to understand the changes that have been made.

Looking at some shop stock...

Posted by Tsukihime, 16 November 2015 · 89 views

It's good to re-visit older work. Maybe you'll find ways to improve it.

Posted by Tsukihime, 06 November 2015 · 91 views

After writing a couple MV plugins related to choices, I've realized that a well-integrated event solution is extremely powerful for developers.

In particular, I would like to highlight the following choice-related plugins:
Large Choices
Disabled Choice Conditions
Hidden Choice Conditions
Conditional Choice Text

All of which have been optimized for...

Working with multiple quests in a simple choice selection

Posted by Tsukihime, 03 November 2015 · 75 views


This dev log prefaces the development of my next MV plugin.

It starts with a scenario that I randomly picked and then try to solve the problem in a way that you might intuitively do.

However, I end up finding that the "intuitive" way to solve the problem is not scalable, and a di...

The simplest solution is still often the best solution

Posted by Tsukihime, 02 November 2015 · 97 views

In this devlog I discuss one of the mistakes I made while writing a plugin called Disabled Choice Conditions .

By starting with an overly complex specification (at the time, it sounded alright), I ended up running into issues that required me to add even more complexities on top of what I wrote initially.

And in the end, it just became really complex,...

Troop Events that are Skipped

Posted by Tsukihime, 27 October 2015 · 101 views

Troop Events that are Skipped Here's another dev log. It's a pretty short one this time since I wanted to get straight to the point.

It discusses one of the issues we had in Ace, and continue to have in MV: troop events that get skipped under certain conditions.

Read about it here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/3627859

Why Custom Page Conditions

Posted by Tsukihime, 23 October 2015 · 123 views
rpgmakermv, eventing, plugins
Why Custom Page Conditions Here is an article that I've written about page conditions in RPG Maker MV, and why I have decided to write a plugin that will allow you to define your own page conditions:


So I made a Patreon account

Posted by Tsukihime, 16 October 2015 · 241 views

You can see it here: https://www.patreon.com/himeworks

I'm trying a different approach to engage users and have decided to go with Patreon.

However, I have decided not to change the way I do things, so things like

- writing scripts
- filling script requests
- offering general support for events, script calls, etc
- writing tutorials
- making videos


RPG Maker as a jukebox

Posted by Tsukihime, 08 February 2015 · 271 views

Took some music and pictures I found online and threw them into RPG Maker.