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Guardians of the Galaxy and The Maze Runner

Posted by Rush2112 in Movie Review Blog, 30 September 2014 · 42 views

Both of these movies are why I wanted to start this blog. Therefore, this entry will be doubled up! Dare I need to say spoilers? Enjoy.

The first movie is Guardians of the Galaxy. THis one has been out for a while, but I figure I'll voice my opinion. Seriously, one of the best movies I have ever seen in theaters (other than, perhaps, Jurassic Park III an...

TSBS Dev Journal #26 Completing Battler Summon addon

Posted by TheoAllen in Theolized Stuffs, 29 September 2014 · 51 views
tsbs, theolized and 1 more...

Hi folks! Welcome to my 26th development journal!
Some of you may already aware of my battler summon on this development journal .
However, the video showcase was just really prototype. I mean it was not usable at that moment.
Yesterday, I finished my battler summon addon and already tested with various posibility. And I already made the complete document...

Necromancers in my worlds

Posted by Cadh20000 in Ramblings of a writer, 28 September 2014 · 50 views

Necromancers in my worlds philteredkhaos left a comment on my last blog entry, "Expanding on the info about Magic in my worlds ", which reminded me of some of the information I had accidentally left out when I originally posted it. Here is the comment, and the information.
Thanks for the reminder philteredkhaos, I had forgotten to include why Necromancers are called that.


Entry #22: End of the Blog

Posted by Rush2112 in Rush2112's Blog, 26 September 2014 · 65 views

I feel like this blog is just repeating itsself. I don't know, if you guys want this to keep going then go ahead and say so. But if that is the case, entries aren't going to be every few days, but maybe once a week. The same would be true of the Rock Music Blog too. The reason is that I want to focus on TopsInGaming a bit more and, beleive it or not, I do...

Entry #16: .38 Special

Posted by Rush2112 in The Rock Music Blog, 26 September 2014 · 33 views

Just hold on loosley! But don't let go! If you cling to tightly, your gonna lose control...
Sorry, got carried away a bit there...
Yes, today is .38 Special! One of my favorites personally, these guys can really rock. I remember seeing them live almost exactly a year ago and they really did put on a show and made sure that people goot their moneys worth!...

From: The Blade Goddess Chronicles: Origins

Posted by The Dragon God in ShadowSphere Entertainment, 24 September 2014 · 73 views
tbgco sse, the dragon god

Source: The Blade Goddess Chronicles: Origins

The Epic Halt of Development

Posted by Kotori-chan in Cat`s and Lolipops, 23 September 2014 · 110 views
development, rmvxa

Hello everyone, Sad to say this blog post will bring very grim news... all of my projects shall be postponed for a while due to I will be focusing first on some client requests on some commissioned sprites. Well "some" isnt really a good term but "alot" or "plenty" will exactly describe the amount of work that I will be doing.

So for my beloved supporter...

The Plague blog post #1 The Story.

Posted by LordSquirrel in The Thoughts of a Squirrel King, 23 September 2014 · 79 views
story, the plague, squirrels

So I’ve been saying that I’d do this for awhile and I figured now was as good a time as any as I’m finally starting to get done the first demo area of The Plague (when I say close I mean something like three months). For those of you who don’t know; The Plague is a game I’ve been working on for about 8 months now (I have terrible time management skills) w...

Slow Progress

Posted by Mr.PowPow in Arctic Thunder Crunch, 21 September 2014 · 106 views
blog, script

Damn it's been a while since I last made a blog, or did anything on this forum for that matter. Well, that's life I guess (and college)...
Anyhoo, I thought that since there hadn't been that much word on development regarding our game, I might as well share the first few pages of the script. It's nothing major as it's mostly dialogue that eases the player...

Touhou Tales - Shall we Parallax?

Posted by LadyMinerva in The Touhou Times, 16 September 2014 · 188 views
touhou tales, parallax, mapping and 2 more...

Touhou Tales - Shall we Parallax? Hi Hi! Welcome to the 5th Developer's corner of Touhou Tales - A Wandering Spirit! ^_^
Okie! So this blog is just going to tell you about a major big change in the Touhou world. A lot of you have seen it already with the Showroom but just to tell you that it's going to be an official element of the project. :3 So for those who seen the entry earlier "Mapp...

#1: Inaugural Mutterings

Posted by Drayal in An Errant Soul's Musings, 16 September 2014 · 84 views

To Any Who May Be Reading This...Welcome

For no other reason than a faint hope and perhaps a dose of well-denied arrogance I've decided to start this here blog to chronicle my efforts in creating with RPG Maker. If nothing else it will remind me of where I've been and catalog the mistakes I'll inevitably make so that I might learn not to make them agai...

Dark Cloud Remake update! v0.1.5

Posted by Hirador in Dark Cloud RPG Maker Edition, 12 September 2014 · 99 views
dark, cloud, rpg maker, vx ace and 2 more...

Dark Cloud Remake update! v0.1.5 Hi! I've got the new update. Here's what's new.

Introduction cut seen.
clearer path of what to do.
Dark Cloud weapons script.
Other scripts.
Other stuff I think.

And the link! : https://www.dropbox....v0.1.5.exe?dl=0

PS: I will have to remove the previous link soon so my Drop Box doesn't f...

Entry 3

Posted by lianderson in The Wooden Ocean, 10 September 2014 · 91 views

Entry 3 Well, my XCOM I/I long war file just got corrupted yet again, so I'm free from it's evil! Back to the game making!

A lot of a little has happened since the last entry, so to make it quick: I am now officially 2 map screens away from being 100% done with tier 1-2 area of the Wooden Ocean, thank f#$#ing God. Also, Items have been improved with superior, a...

1.3 The Basics: Register, Login & Logout

Posted by Malagar in ASOE - Asynchronous Online Engine, 07 September 2014 · 131 views
asoe, online, script, register and 4 more...

ASOE (Asynchronous Online Engine) is a collection of scripts that allow you to create, host and play asynchronous multiplayer online games in RPGMaker VX Ace. ASOE is perfectly suited for turn based games, but it can enrich the gameplay of any VXA game by adding online features to it.

[!] Note: If you use the demo project, there is no setup required - i...

SHBS Dev. Log #2 – Multiple Elements Skills

Posted by SoulPour777 in Attack on Diary, 03 September 2014 · 84 views
soulpour, rgss3, shbs and 1 more...

Soul Horizon Battle System Development Log #2 – Multiple Element Skills

This script in development allows you to have multiple element skills. It means when having any certain note tag, the enemies / target of the skill would be able to gain different state effects the skill has to offer. When two or more elements are tagged to the skill, then all those...

A sad moment in life

Posted by Cait in Cait's Blog, 31 August 2014 · 79 views

I love to talk, discuss subjects, but when I tried to start a conversation with my mother, all I got was that we [my brother and I] obsess about things. I was taken aback, because I give my mother credit for being the one who really got us into thinking, reasoning, and discussing subjects, so it was like being kicked in the face. My mother read books on s...

Monster Hunter Logan - Advanced Combat Event System (ACES)

Posted by Wren in Wren's Blog, 31 August 2014 · 51 views
monster hunter logan, mhlr, wren

What you see here is the monster starts with 1 of 6 random buffs and a weakness tied to it.

Logan and Seth can expose the weaknesses of monsters.

Once exposed, the equipped weapons of the party can be used to exploit the weakness to remove the buff and do increased damage.

Requires either base troop events from Yanfly or a...

Mah Graffiti Room

Posted by Tsarmina in Tsarmina's Ramblings, 28 August 2014 · 71 views
art, tsarmina, graffiti?, bedroom and 4 more...

If you know me at all, you know that I love drawing. =^-^= (Hence, resource showcase.....) When I'm feeling sad or happy or lazy or relaxed or stressed or whatever, it's time to break out the tablet or the paper/pencil.

And occasionally, the wall. 0:)

Over the course of three years, my bedroom wallpaper, which was originally a flat single color, has be...

Three More Scenes Updated!

Posted by robopanda in New Artwork!! :D, 20 August 2014 · 84 views

Well, we've updated more than that. But we don't want to spoil it and show *everything* yet. ^_~



*Click thumbnail to enlarge image*


*Click thumbnail to enlarge image*


*Click thumbnail to enlarge image*

And more to come! :D

#1 : NYAN IT !

Posted by Ultim in Ultim's Thoughts, 16 August 2014 · 103 views
nyan cat

Well,the title's a bit weird,but...The entry is weirder than the title...

So,that Pop-Tart cat that shoots raibows from his butt,isn't he nice ? flying around singing a highly pitched theme song.Can you stand it for 10 hours ? Probably not.So after navigating the web,I found an awesome website which nyans ANY webpage For Teh Lulz.I tried it here and I sa...

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