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The Thieves - An Antagonist Showcase

Posted by Skyninja in The Bounty Hunters, 09 October 2015 · 63 views
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Well, hello there. Welcome to another entry in this blog. Today, we're going to talk about the enemies during some parts of the series.

The Thieves
The Thieves are a group of main antagonists that are possibly being helped by other antagonists, sometimes. They are the main problem and the sworn enemies of the Bounty Hunters. All of the Bounty Hunters w...

A hint for coming up with names

Posted by Point08 in Point08's Blog, 08 October 2015 · 26 views
names, place names, people names

Even though only like two people read these entries, I'm still going to post this here.

When writing, sometimes a name for a person or place just comes to me. Other times I end up using some generic placeholder until I can come up with something. When that happens, there's a method I sometimes use, that might be useful to other people.

First, think of...

World of Chaos Progress and Plans

Posted by Vectra in Vectra Productions, 08 October 2015 · 45 views
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I'm currently making armors and weapons.

There are features that'll be included
Tiers - There are tiers for weapons, armors, enemies, and quests.

Each tier, depending on object, shows the level of which the object is.

Tier 1: Level 1 - 9
Tier 2: Level 10 - 19; + 1 rune slot; +10% ATK
Tier 3: Level 20 - 29; + 2 rune slots; +20% ATK
Tier 4:...

Soul Forge: Initial Mapping Attempts

Posted by Blithe in Blithe's Bleh, 07 October 2015 · 43 views

I will not be attempting any parallax mapping for this first game I'm working on. Although I love the look of parallax maps, I feel that I don't have the skills necessary to do it justice and it would greatly lengthen the timeline I've set forth for completing this game. That being said, I think it's still possible to create interesting maps (albeit, not...

Should prisoners be allowed to donate organs?

Posted by Vectra in Intelligent Debates/feelings/conversations, 07 October 2015 · 107 views
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I believe prisoners should be allowed to donate organs. The main concern is that prisoners will expect a lesser sentence for doing so. I believe should get no rewards such as lesser sentence.

I, personally, have mixed feelings for donating organs. People don't live very long after the surgery, Since most of the world likes it, I believe prisoners should...

The Uplift

Posted by piggybankcowboy in Memoirs of a Space Traveler, 07 October 2015 · 24 views
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I have decided to start fresh, scrapping the old notes of the Lost Project mentioned in the previous post. I was in a different time and place way back when I started that one, so to recapture it sounds a bit like an effort in futility. Work has begun on developing a new world with entirely different actors, though I'd be lying if I didn't adm...

Another Major Update

Posted by xXEtherealXx in Development of Beyond the Dark, 05 October 2015 · 68 views
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Sorry I didn't tell you guys before but I went to Florida for a vacation so I really didn't get a chance to update my blog frequently.

But I had some time to work on the History of FosGi and it is now up to date with the current game I am making. I will upload the document as soon as I get a chance to figure out how to do so from google docs.

P.s. The...

the beginning

Posted by fry in My year with the dragon, 02 October 2015 · 58 views
fist, rpg maker vx ace

Welcome to my first post on my blog about the Federation of Interstellar Transporters video game I am in the process of making. I will give you some insight on what went into making the game and why we did what we did and some general ideas of where my mind was at the time of making said game. You can follow the link on the bottom to see what the game is...


Posted by NJ4K in Manga Gothic, 28 September 2015 · 94 views

My first game in the Manga Gothic series is not going to be a fanfair event. It's my learning game so expect nothing too special as I use this game to learn the ropes. I hope you like the screen shots I have for you though.

Brussel's rather unkempt room at Death's abode.


Spooky's Animal Kingdom: Platypus

Posted by SpookyMothman in Spooky Does Blog Stuff, 27 September 2015 · 140 views

Hello and welcome to another installment of Spooky's Animal Kingdom, where I talk about animals. Last time, I introduced you fine folks to the wonderful Axolotl and their secret plan to dominate the internet. I also said I'd be talking about an ugly and useless sea animal in the next installment, but its ugliness is proving to be formidable. It's a really...

Tales of Pandamonia: The Sacred Dungeon Theory and Development

Posted by Knighterius in The Daily Apple , 27 September 2015 · 157 views
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Salutations to anyone reading my first entry to my new clean blog!

This is the game that I have currently been devoting my time on and have been loving every minute of it. I did, however, way back when, stop my progress and stumped myself in a hole of nothingness as year 11 got the best of me and drowned me in literary me...

Save Manager

Posted by AceOfAces_Mod in Firehawk Labs, 27 September 2015 · 82 views
vb.net, winforms

The save manager is a component of the launcher. It adds management capabilities (although basic) without tampering the game's executable file. This consists of three tools:

-Import Save
It automates the import by asking the user where's the file and copies the file to the destination.

-Export Saves
Copies al...

Current Project: Classified

Posted by JBYT_Joseph in Joseph's Development Chatter, 23 September 2015 · 68 views

I am working on a new project that has taken sudden priority! I will not be posting spoilers until I've gotten the first act completed.

A Public Apology

Posted by Chaosian in Chaosian's Blog, 23 September 2015 · 173 views

If you do not understand what this blog is about, then I will please ask of you to leave and make nothing of it, and return to the rest of your day. This is simply the best medium for me to reach all those who need to hear it. It is not my place to explain the situation, only to try and make right the wrongs I have committed to those who do have an unders...

To Be a Girl...

Posted by Dia in ~Dia's Rant's, Comments, And Concerns of Today's World~, 23 September 2015 · 191 views
dia, is, girl, deal, with, it, xd

So, for those who don't know this already, I've had dreams of doing what I see as a "correction" of myself. As stated in my introduction post when I first came here, I want to become a girl. This seems a bit over the top, but I mean it. I see myself perfectly as a female rather than a male. I don't want to seem like, "Oh, this guy's posing as a girl for a...

The Village

Posted by kitten2021 in Returning to RMVX, 20 September 2015 · 69 views

Hey guys, sorry for the late update - life and all. ^.^

So, I finally got to work on the village and it actually worked out real nice, if I must say so. Rather proud of it actually~

I wanted to thank KilloZapit and MasterTaffer for their idea's on working with the town setups; I kibnd of played around with villages and decided to go ahead and follow t...

Subject Zero - Development

Posted by Brank in LTN Games, 20 September 2015 · 106 views

Old blog post for the 1 Week Indie Challange Entry ( With Game)

This is going to be the main blog post for the advances I am making in my indie in a week entry, to better it further and finish the story. There is a ton of things I am doing to make this a better game, including larger sprites, new ABS, better fps, a balan...

Broken Destiny: 30 minute demo now available

Posted by ~Arin~ in Local Woman Creates Blog: Users React in a Rampage, 19 September 2015 · 124 views

For those of you that were wondering where I've gone, don't worry I'm not dead. At least, not yet anyway.

I've been taking some time off to devote myself to the multiple projects I have. One of them being the RPG Maker game I'm doing. The other two, the fighting game and the card game, I've also been working on but I feel I've made a lot of significant p...


Posted by thejaxinator03 in Jax's 1000 Useless Games, 14 September 2015 · 189 views

I said in a status update so now i have to make useless games 100 of them welp

(2 Out Of 1000)
PLAY IT (or don't it's a house without a door so)
https://www.dropbox.... HOUSE.exe?dl=0

Boredom #6

Posted by LordSquirrel in The Thoughts of a Squirrel King, 13 September 2015 · 186 views
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And so it returns. In all it's boring glory.

Gonna try and work on these more. Anyway. Have a good night everyone.

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