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Promise | Music | Mapping | Game Mechanics

Posted by AlliedG in AlliedG's Blog, 21 December 2014 · 59 views
promise, music, mapping

It's been a while since I have updated this blog but I'm still alive guys and ready to share some updates.


Jonnie91 (JStewartMusic) has completed his first VOCALOID track starring Meiko! The lyrics represent the themes ongoing in Promise and I'm looking forward to the Japanese version and instrumental in 2015.

Listen on Soundcloud.com

Rpg maker vx ace graphic edits

Posted by extreme_gamer in Extreme edits, 20 December 2014 · 40 views

My first edit!Hope you like it!

2# Why i Love: Legend of Dragoon

Posted by UberMedic7 in Johnny's Corner, 17 December 2014 · 110 views
blog, rpg, best game ever and 1 more...

Before we start things i just wanna point out something. Back when i made the first "Why i Love/Hate" post i didnt knew that PC Gamer was doing the exact same thing but mostly for video-games, so yeah im not trying to copy them or anything, i just feel like making such blog entries in such format. Now that thats out of the way let me tell you....


Simple Database

Posted by KilloZapit in KilloZapit's Magical Fairyland, 13 December 2014 · 146 views
database, script, scripting

Here is a fixed up version of my NPC Database script with some changes and a bit of documentation. May have to fix this up a bit more later though.

#========================================================================# ** Simple Database, by: KilloZapit#------------------------------------------------------------------------# This is a simple databas...

FAIRY fan club?

Posted by MinisterJay in Fairy, Fairy How Contrary, 13 December 2014 · 64 views
fairy, fan, club, bobbi, ficus

Many may know that we have a team, that is very diverse, from different nations and cultures from around the world. What many may not know, that we are also writing books about different fairies. Another thing we are just now announcing is that we are going to make a Bobbi Ficus fan club. The fan club is not only for her, but also for all the fairies i...

Multiple Message Windows

Posted by Tsukihime in HimeWorks, 12 December 2014 · 87 views

Working with multiple message windows simultaneously.


Project Aventice Begins

Posted by Nerezza in Project Aventice, 07 December 2014 · 127 views

Project Aventice Begins PROJECT AVENTICE

"Creating a rich, in-depth and exciting role-playing experience with an old look but modern features "

What is Project Aventice?

Project Aventice is the working title for an RPG in the works made using the RPG Maker VX Ace software.
It is currently in the early stages of concept development. I am trying to make progress...

Current project update and future project idea

Posted by Cadh20000 in Ramblings of a writer, 05 December 2014 · 139 views

As some of you know, since my shoulder injury I haven't worked on my projects much at all. I have been putting off doing so until after my surgery(which will be on the 29th of this month, December). Anyway, I have not given up on those projects and will soon be back at it. They have merely been shelved temporarily, not discarded.

I have also come up with...

My Prologue

Posted by OogieBoogie765 in A Writers Paradise, 04 December 2014 · 118 views
prologue, book, epic fantasy

Welp, I've never done a blog before but here goes nothing:P.
This is the prologue to my book that I have not thought of a name for yet, I'm still only on chapter 3.
I just wanted to see what everybody thinks.

So that's it for now :D My next post will definitely be more of a tip post! Thanks to everyone who read it, and to all a good night.

Animorphs Charsets!

Posted by thomas1652 in Resource Blog, 04 December 2014 · 118 views
animorphs, sci-fi, charsets and 4 more...

Hello again everyone.

I had posted this previously on RPG Maker VX.net but it has unfortunately died, so I guess I should re-post it here ^^

One of my side projects is an Animorphs fan-game, based off the K.A. Applegate series from the 90's. (If you haven't heard of it, you should definitely check it out!)

These charsets were a lot of fun to make f...

Update #1 - Isometric Map

Posted by Glasses in Project A, 01 December 2014 · 238 views

Since I'm a fan of Dungeon Crawlers, decided to make on in RPG Maker VX Ace. Problem - it'd get pretty boring pretty fast. So everything has to be spiced up.

Starting from spicing up how the map works itself. What could be more interesting than simple square tiles? Isometric tiles! After some fiddling, the first version was ready:

The crypt opens and the decrepit old eventer steps out.

Posted by Shaddow in Eventing 101, 29 November 2014 · 141 views

Wow. It has been an age, hasn't it? Well I'm finally back in the RPG Maker scene and I think the best way to get back into the flow is to record a new tutorial. I am just getting over a chest cold, but in a few days when it is gone, I'm going to do another video. I'd love to hear some ideas of what you guys would like to see done with events.

TSBS Dev Journal #34 Animation Samples

Posted by TheoAllen in Theolized Stuffs, 28 November 2014 · 318 views

Hi folks, two months ago, I wrote the TSBS Dev Journal #17 and said something about my TSBS great supporter, Ryuz Andhika who already retired from RM worlds. Around some weeks ago, I can't remember when, as a contribution for Indonesian RPG Maker communities, he shared his TSBS animation samples since he doesn't have a plan to use it anymore. However, th...

Kotori Method of Spriting: Patchouli Knowledge Part 2

Posted by Kotori-chan in Cat`s and Lolipops, 25 November 2014 · 47 views
kotori, sprites, spriting, method and 2 more...

~KOTORI METHOD~ (Spriting)

Hello everyone~ Thank you for the warm welcome on my first part of the Kotori Method of Spriting and now we will continue for Part 2: : The Clothing and Accessories.

~TUTORIAL START: Patchouli Knowledge~ (Part 2 of 2)
The tools we are gonna use are still the same ones mentioned o...

A new alpha release?

Posted by Sinathor in Stellar Complex - Development Blog, 22 November 2014 · 159 views


Before I begin, click this and see what this is all about ---> http://i.imgur.com/PwZrpBN.png

So I've been thinking. Maybe I should release another alpha build before the official beta stage. I could really use some more feedback. My last alpha build is from last spring and needless to say the game has changed tremendously since then. This wou...

Thinking about a game contest

Posted by Venya in Venya's Blog, 13 November 2014 · 224 views

Hello, If your reading this then you must be interested in a contest. So this is what I am thinking.

I want to make a custom game but I do not know how to make the sprites well or the battles or anything. I love to see other peoples work though and wondering if you would like to join a contest where a game in particular is the prize. I have a few copy's...

TBGC: O Update 1

Posted by The Dragon God in ShadowSphere Entertainment, 09 November 2014 · 179 views
rpg, game, tbgc:o, sse and 2 more...

Hello folks,

It's been awhile since my late blog, sorry about that, been busy.
Due to the alpha demo and general feedback, TBGC:O has been in beta.
Since the beta phase, TBGC:O has been, dare I say, drasically improved.

I greatly appreciate my team's work and the support of my fans. I'm thinking
of releasing the beta demo soon, one last round before the...

ASOE early alpha released!

Posted by Malagar in ASOE - Asynchronous Online Engine, 08 November 2014 · 172 views

*Ring ring!*

Your wait is finally over!

I decided to release a early (and probably completely bugged) version of ASOE to the public. You can check out all the details in the official topic. As well as access the download, read the documentation and follow the discussion here:


Development log - dungeon ideas

Posted by Cait in Cait's Blog, 07 November 2014 · 114 views

I've thought about my dungeons & came to the conclusion that I needed to have interactive dungeons where the two characters has their own strengths and weaknesses with a heart system like Zelda. You would play as Cat and Dog as they go two different directions solving puzzles so the other can go further into the dungeon. Each character would have th...

RTP Parallax with Photoshop - The Minerva Method :3 [Part 2]

Posted by LadyMinerva in The Touhou Times, 25 October 2014 · 307 views
touhou tales, parallax, mapping and 2 more...

RTP Parallax with Photoshop - The Minerva Method :3 [Part 2] Welcome to Part 2 of I guess a tutorial since there were a quite lot of people who classifies it... xD
Anywho, Part 1 basically tells you how to get a skeletal background or screenshot of your map to parallax on! If you haven't seen part 1, then I recommend you do so so that you don't get confused with the following points I'm going to explain here. :)


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