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Idle Games

Posted by Tarq in Thought-crime and Other Misdemeanours, 25 November 2015 · 47 views
gameses, ...or not gameses?

Well, there wasn't much outcry (or even attention ;.; ) from my last entry so I guess there's no harm in another.

During a Sm4sh session a little while back a friend asked ~"Clicker Heroes?! How can you even play that!"
The response was "I don't" (followed by a JC bomb to fair). And its true; Sure, I open it up most days but I don't play it. I don't thin...

Boredom #7

Posted by LordSquirrel in The Thoughts of a Squirrel King, 24 November 2015 · 50 views

And so it returns. In all of it's boring glory.

Obligatory snarky comment and farewell to the readers who bother to go this far.


Expedition 139: Quest for the Four Stones

Posted by JBYT_Joseph in Joseph's Development Chatter, 23 November 2015 · 54 views
rpg maker vx ace and 1 more...

Welcome to the story of Expedition 139. In this "alternative rogue" RPG, you play as a squad of four young fighters known only as Alpha, Beta, Delta and Gamma. Their goal? Seal the Four Stones back in their altars to prevent the balance of Earthrealm from being disturbed. The Expedition Squads sent before them have failed to secure even one stone, and the...

World of Chaos Progress and Plans III

Posted by Vectra in Vectra Productions, 22 November 2015 · 115 views
world of chaos and 2 more...

From the beginning, I've been using a level requirement script.

As far as weapons and armor, I've gotten to only level 16. In skills, my highest leveled skill is 25. I plan to finish weapons, armors, and skills go up to, at least, level 40. Recently, I've made three skills that I want to talk about.

I'm not sure if I'm going to add them but I want to, a...

RPG Maker VX Ace Lightweight RTP

Posted by AceOfAces_Mod in Firehawk Labs, 22 November 2015 · 73 views

This package reduces the space requirements of your game by replacing the stock graphics with compressed (but high quality) versions. It might also reduce the footprint of your cache and sppeds up the loading times (depends on the scripts you use).

Head over here to download the pack.

Changes in Terms of Use for HimeWorks scripts

Posted by Tsukihime in HimeWorks, 22 November 2015 · 113 views

As of today, all of my plugins will no longer require a commercial license to use. Please read over this article to understand the changes that have been made.


Posted by HeckHound in [Project Log] Relic Hunter, 19 November 2015 · 86 views

So, it's taken a while but I've finally finished the prep work. So far I have the structure of the civilization, the two stages of the tutorial and 10 of the relics and their history in the main part of the game planned out.

'Concealed Spotting' has been changed to 'Knowledge', simply because it sounds better and still implies that you know what you're l...

Blog Entry #2 - Chapter Selection, Mapping, and Characters

Posted by LordSquirrel in Wish to the Stars development blog, 18 November 2015 · 82 views
wish to the stars, game, rpg and 5 more...

Greetings lower lifeforms! Welcome to the second entry of the Wish to the Stars development blog. Today, we will be going over some things I've been doing in chapter 1.

First off: We have a functioning chapter selection area!

Yes. We have chapter selection. There will be 11 chapters, most will have 2 parts to it. One whe...

Ixias Development Road (How to not plan a game)

Posted by Sinathor in Stellar Complex - Development Blog, 14 November 2015 · 139 views

(I wrote this in a different blog for school earlier. Decided to copy it here as it's relevant)

So I have this video game, called "Ixias - Stellar Complex". First draft of this game was born in summer 2013, and during the next half a year it evolved into a completely different kind of draft, and based on that I started making this game in January 2014....

Spooky's Animal Kingdom: The Bremen Town Musicians

Posted by SpookyMothman in Spooky Does Blog Stuff, 13 November 2015 · 93 views
spookys animal kingdom and 2 more...

Oh man! It's another entry of Spooky's Animal Kingdom! I'm gonna talk about several animals today, called the Bremen Town Musicians. Or the Musicians of Bremen Town. Or the Town of Bremen's Musicians. Or the Town Musicians of Bremen. Or... I give up.


Yes, dear friends. This is an artist's hor...

A gentle gender debate

Posted by Vectra in Intelligent Debates/feelings/conversations, 12 November 2015 · 295 views
gender, debate

I normally don't do gender debates because they can get out of hand but I think this forum can handle it. Not to mention, I friended all or almost all people in the forums so I know you can handle it.

Mom and I got into a debate about it yesterday so I wanted to know what you guys thought.

Mom thinks that men just sit on their butts when they get home...

Why Violence is Kinda Boring.

Posted by KilloZapit in KilloZapit's Magical Fairyland, 10 November 2015 · 174 views
games, media, violent, violence

So, Undertale has gotten extremely popular lately and has gotten highly praised. I think one of the things that it uses to sell it's self is the promise of being an RPG where you don't have to kill anyone, and how it really tries to show the consequences if you do. I think though, that it mostly ends up being good because of the sheer quality of it's wri...

Tinkering and Spriting Mostly

Posted by DeerGuts in Wander Work Blog, 07 November 2015 · 113 views

Howdy. This is more or less a development blog for my game. Currently its name is Wander, but that could be subject to change. Feel free to keep track if you like, I'm mostly starting this with the intent of being able to look back and be like "Wow look at everything I've gotten done!"

So! Thus far game is still a bit directionless. I have ideas for a pl...

NPC Ramblings? Again...

Posted by Jackus in Realm of the Jackus, 07 November 2015 · 141 views

So i've reached the same problem.

"So i've got an inn full of NPCs, and a town full of em too (It's a popular town), but i've got a slight problem, what do I make them say? This is an area thats a bit too creative for me, so has anyone got any tips on what to make these NPCs (And NPCs in general) say?"

Essentially this again. I got lots of suggestions b...

Our Own Corner Of The World-Intro Video

Posted by AngelCou in AngelCou's Blog, 06 November 2015 · 95 views
video, rpg, game, intro

This is the intro video of the game, it is still in development, but I wanted to know is the begging is good enough, you know, first impressions are very important to attract the players to continue playing.

My Thoughts on MV

Posted by Maki13 in Maki's Semi-Transparent Cube, 01 November 2015 · 142 views
mv, thoughts, opinions and 3 more...

So yeah, Maki here!

I've been fooling around with my new RPG Maker MV for about 5 days now, and this entry would be my current opinions about it.


Well, to say the least is... I actually enjoyed it, although there are still some sour-indescribable-mixed feelings inside me for some of the things. But let's not start...

Kid Hop-o Rising Star News

Posted by FLG'sRetnuh in Flaming Leaf Game's Blog, 01 November 2015 · 178 views
flaming leaf games and 2 more...

Hello everyone, Retnuh here with news on the Flaming Leaf Game project: Kid Hop-o Rising Star.
Kid Hop-o Rising Star started development around when I first got RPG Maker VX Ace, and I didn't even have the full story planned out. I became unhappy with the results of my project, and felt it could be done better. Due to this, I've decided to restart develop...

Competition Time!

Posted by Rezanta in Scalvose: End of Tides, 29 October 2015 · 108 views
oh boy, contest day!

While I'm still working on my game, I have a great idea. Now, hear me out, this isn't where you suddenly own part of the game, BUT you do get to be apart of it. So...

The first part of the competition is optional weapons! You may post a weapon (following the format) and see if it's voted among others. If there's more than one posted that match, the first...

The Three Sides of Mei Kimura - M.A.P. (More About Protagonists)

Posted by Sky Usanin in The Bounty Hunters, 29 October 2015 · 138 views
protagonist, mei kimura and 3 more...

Well, hello there!
Welcome to another entry in this Blog, about the Bounty Hunters series! Today, we're going to talk even more about our main protagonist: Mei Kimura. This is the first entry for something I like to call a M.A.P., that means "More About Portagonists", so let's get started. We're going to talk about the three parts of her personality.


Art style of the game.

Posted by Mr. Moneybags in My Ideas, 29 October 2015 · 108 views

I finally figured out what kind of art style I'm wanting for the game. I'm going to be getting the maps hand drawn and adding pixel movement to get rid of the gridlocked movement system. I want it to be as free and roamable as possible. I'm wanting the boards to look more Pokemon Dungeon: Red Rescue Team themed in the art style. Now all I have to do is co...

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